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Envisage PR has a trained and expert sampling staff available for your new product campaigns. Our staff can handle all types of brands and have worked in many different locations. Whether it is a train station, a brand wagon at the football stadium, a shopping centre or in offices, our sampling staff can do it all.

When you choose Envisage PR for your sampling needs you are investing in sampling staff that can match the requirements of the campaign and showcase your brand in the best possible light. The staff are given detailed training on the product and brand in personal training sessions. The employees are always punctual and their shifts are divided in a way that keeps them fresh and bright-eyed for all the events.

sampling staff for hire UKAll types of product sampling in any UK location

We are capable of securing spaces in crowded areas such as supermarkets, train stations, city centers and shopping centres for your campaign. Sampling staff gives detailed activity reports of all campaign including feedback from customers and samplers recording the comments and criticism on the product.

You can use our sampling staff for single or multiple-day sampling activities adding as many locations as you need. Our trustworthy personel make sure potential customers reach them at outdoor and indoor events. We can also recommend upcoming exhibitions and festivals where you can have your product sampled. With our well-connected managers and enthusiastic leaders we promise a successful sampling activity.

We can also provide staff experienced in driving your branded transport including special vehicles and trailers. This means you can take the product outdoors to shows and. We can promote cooked samples and setup live cooking stations and refrigerators to store perishables for taste-testing sessions. We look to it so that all aspects of the campaign are covered with our custom sampling equipment and dependable sampling staff. The equipment is setup way before the event starts and a strict schedule is followed to not waste any time. We make sure there is enough samples you there is plenty to last the entire day or event.

You can even include promotional stands in the sampling activity to give samplers a feel of the brand’s personality. The sampling activity is executed in such a way that the product is memorable for the sampler.

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