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The term ‘guerilla marketing’ was coined by Jay Conrad in 1984 and it has now become one of the most aggressive yet effective marketing techniques of today. Originally it was supposed to bring the public’s attention towards certain product, ideas or brands using unconventional means such as graffiti advertisements, sticker bombs, flyer post etc. Nowadays guerilla marketing is associated with flash mobs and viral internet memes or videos.

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The Guerilla marketing campaign we carry out are split into a number of categories and subsets based on the strategy. There is ambient, stealth, ambush, street and viral marketing. The main point of the exercise is to carry it out in a public setting which could be a shopping centre, a major town, an exhibition or any other crowded place that attracts large audiences and generates a buzz.

If you are looking for a staff to bring your brand out in the public eye and create awareness about your company then you have come to the right place. Envisage PR staff has the experience, energy and confidence to create hype about your product and get people curious enough to try it out. Our guerilla team can imprint a long-lasting impression in the audience’s mind using the right process and technique. Since our team has enthusiastic experienced people, we deliver a successful campaign every time.

Since the human brain is wired to pick up on things and enter them into their subconscious mind when they are repeated enough times, guerilla marketing works so well. We use that concept to drill in your logo, brand, product or tagline into the audience’s mind to compel them to follow your call to action. Our staff uses a series of friendly and energetic display techniques so that people are gravitated towards them.

Hire an experienced promotions team

We pick the people through a stringent and strict screening procedure and each team is assigned a responsible leader to ensure all the instructions are followed according to your liking. We have a large number of street marketing teams including singers, dancers and entertainers to execute any type of guerilla marketing campaign.

With the years of experience and number of high profile clients we are capable of handling any type of marketing campaign you require. Our transportation services can bring over the team to any location on time, every time. We are also equipped to handle the social media side of the campaign posting any pictures or live streaming to reach out people around the world. We provide PR and guerilla marketing services all over the UK.

You can call now and talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives to discuss your marketing options. We have worked with all types of companies and business, whether they are big or small. Since customer satisfaction is our number one goal you will not be disappointed with the guerilla marketing campaign the crew puts together.

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