Experiential Event Staff for Promotional Activities

experiential staff, brand ambassadorsEnvisage Experiential have more than 7,000 confident experiential event staff throughout the UK that can support your next event. If you are arranging an experiential event or a promotional roadshow in the UK and require experienced experiential staff to assist and support your experiential promotional activity then contact Envisage Experiential and we can discuss your activity and how we can provide the best experiential staff to make the event a huge success.

Hire Experiential Event Staff and make the promotional campaign a complete success

promotional mascots for pr stunts, costumer performers for marketingOccasionally you may need the building and implementation of a comprehensive experiential campaign, but at Envisage Experiential we appreciate that sometimes all you require is the hiring of experiential event staff. You may have arranged all the event logistics, signed off on the space needed to run the promotional activity and completed the organisation of the promotional event, but just need experienced, confident and local experiential event staff to make things happen with their event support as well as booking experienced event managers, at a great premium. With more than 7,000 experiential event staff registered with us on our nationwide database we have the knowledge and resources to manage all your promotional staffing needs from experiential event staff in London to engaging and professional experiential event staff in Edinburgh.

Experiential Event Staffing

pr staff for pr stuntWhat you get for your money with Envisage Experiential :-

  • Experiential Event Staff throughout the UK
  • Engaging, outgoing and Experienced Experiential Staff
  • Access to a nationwide database of more than 7,000 Experiential Event Staff
  • Complete staffing selection and briefing of all hired Event Staff
  • Fantastic rates for Experiential Staff
  • Fully comprehensive insurance included as standard

Choosing the right Experiential Event Staff for your activity

With more than 6 years’ experience in hiring and arranging experiential event staff for PR agencies and Media houses across the UK we really understand the importance in sourcing the right event staff to carry out particular duties successfully. Confident, engaging, intelligent and experienced promotional event staff ensure the investment made at an activity return the rewards and exposure you need. All our promotional event staff are selected based on their ability to carry out the brief and their location to where the activity is taking place.

The booking and briefing of the Experiential Event Staff you hire from us

Experiential event staff, event managers and supervisors are all available from Envisage Experiential and all are briefed verbally and in writing so you can have complete assurance that they understand your expectations of them.

Monitoring the performance and management of Experiential Staff

Even if you just need us to supply one experiential promotional event staff member our check in and bookings team are available any time for your convenience and to make sure the staff member arrives on-time, knows the meeting points, has been signed off on their understanding of the brief so they are fit and ready to start the duties at the booked time. Throughout the campaign the staff members have to liaise with our bookings team regarding their shift and the successful completion of their duties.

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