What Makes a Great PR Stunt?

What Makes a Great PR Stunt?

What Makes a Great PR Stunt?What Makes a Great PR Stunt?

If you are looking to hire promo staff, extras and performers for PR stunts, you have a vision that your stunt will draw the attention it deserves. But what makes for a fantastic PR stunt?

A PR stunt should be engaging and entertaining

The whole idea behind a PR stunt is that people stop in their tracks to see what is happening. There have been some great PR stunts that have done this in the past including the breakup note from ‘Adam to Lauren’, a PR stunt that Transport for Greater Manchester ran with great success.

With the right performers and actors, your next PR stunt in Manchester has the potential to go viral just as this one did.

Hit the right notes of the conversation wave

Things happen all the time and so by hopping on its tailcoats, you could have a readymade vehicle for your PR stunt to get noticed. But there’s a downside to this: you need to make sure you pick the right conversation to piggy-back.

Be brave, big and bold!

If you are planning a PR stunt you are want to make waves – if you don’t want to do this, then look at another marketing vehicle. PR stunts should be big, bold and brave.

Brave and bold is exactly how you could describe On The Beach’s #thisbikinican PR stunt which they based in Manchester on a manmade beach. Coinciding with #NationalBikiniDay they hooked onto online content that people were sharing, including celebrities and other influencers.

With promotional staff showcasing the beach throughout the day in Manchester, they also shared images to their own accounts online, causing a stir with a PR stunt that hit all the right notes.

#NationalBikiniDayA PR stunt has to have the shareability factor

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore social media and neither should we downplay its power.

On the Beach’s stunt was based ‘on the beach’, with the message behind the stunt shared online by the hire promotional staff. As a result, these messages across a range of social media outlets, Instagram and twitter included, spread far and wide.

But here’s the best bit – photos and captions with the hashtag #thisbikinican were still being shared long after the promo staff had gone home! For the client, this is a PR stunt that really had the shareability factor.

You need to work with the right PR staffing agency!

We have a thriving database of talented performers, actors, performers, event staff… you name it, we have the people!

Just as important as the right PR staff is experience and know-how in how to turn a PR stunt into pure marketing magic.

We’ve worked with big-name clients, as well as forward-thinking start-ups and smaller businesses to make a big impact in a competitive marketplace. Interested? Get in touch!


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