What is Guerrilla Marketing?

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is becoming more and more popular as businesses use this as a strategy to get brands, products and services out there quickly and relatively little cost. One high energy campaign can set social media alight especially if the activity is imaginative and attention grabbing.

Guerrilla marketing is quick high impact marketing activity done in public places such as parks, shopping centres and the more people the better. As society is moving more online and using social media, getting this activity on onto media like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube for example is paramount.

Media Houses and Public Relation Companies are having to come up with new ideas and strategies to get their messages to the consumer. Guerrilla Marketing is about taking people by surprise and designed to make a positive and memorable experience for consumers.

Guerrilla marketing is also known as: –

  • Ambient marketing
  • Ambush marketing
  • Stealth marketing
  • Viral/buzz marketing
  • Grassroots marketing
  • Street marketing
  • Distribution of flyers or products

Does Guerrilla Marketing work?

Most consumers are influenced and used to conventional methods of advertisements such as television and radio adverts, billboards, magazine articles, etc.

The difficulty with these types of mediums is that you must ensure they are delivered at the right time to your target audience. People have now got use to these types of advertising and tend to ‘switch off’ or fast forward the adverts if watching on Sky Plus for example. It is very difficult to get consumers attention.

This is where guerrilla marketing has an advantage. It does not follow any rules and ensures that potential buyers feel surprised (in a positive way) and if executed correctly it is something they will not forget. The idea is to get an emotional response and generate word of mouth.

How do I get people for Guerrilla Marketing?

Great news, that’s the easy part! We supply actors, performers and crowds of any number of people for all type of PR Stunts. We work with many Advertising Agencies, PR Companies and Media Houses supplying outgoing individuals for all types of quirky activities.

If you are not sure what you need or you have a great idea and just need people to carry it out for you then give us a call and speak to a friendly member of our team. And remember, nothing is to ‘out there’!

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