What is going on in the PR World this month?

What is going on in the PR World this month?

What is going on in the PR World this month?

Delete or not delete? That is the question

After the massive Facebook scandal last week, many people are questioning whether they want to stay on the social media site or to leave it forever. Do you want to stay on the site? Is it worth it?

The data privacy scandal has made the public question whether staying logged in is worth the risk. Is your personal info safe? Has it ever been? Is it worth the risk? These are the questions that we must answer if we’re going to stay plugged in and switched on.

It is scary the amount that people share on social media, and there is a high possibility that the information available to hackers has already been shared from a series of posts, likes and shares. You must be more cautious of what you share on all social media sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

So, are you planning on staying on?

The Brightest star died, aged 76

Stephen Hawking, died at the aged of 76, living an extra 50 years more than doctors had originally prescribed. The great scientist died at his family home in Cambridge, surrounded by his family. His incredible work, brain and humour will continue to inspire thousands of people across the globe, and his legacy will live on.

“I’m not afraid of death, but I’m in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first” Stephen Hawking

The scientist was diagnosed with a disease called ‘motor neurone disease’ back in 1963, aged 21. Through this frustrating time, Hawking survived more than half a century to prove those doctors wrong. His form of the disease was slower in progression than they had originally anticipated.

Hawking declared that he worked over a thousand hours whilst studying for his undergraduate degree at Oxford. Interesting fact: Oxford examiners were unsure as whether to provide Hawking with a first or second – class degree. He threatened to stay and do his PhD at Oxford if they didn’t give him a first degree, this was a great threat as he was a difficult student. They awarded him a first degree and off he went to Cambridge to work on his PhD.

It is fun and amazing memories like this that will make Stephen Hawking a loveable, talented and fascinating man and his legacy will continue to shine.