What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

It’s one of those used on a frequent and regular basis but are you confident that when you talk of digital marketing, you know what you are referring to?

Digital marketing: a definition

Digital marketing is an umbrella term used to describe all marketing efforts that take place online. As a business, you may use many different online platforms such as social media and your business blog. It also refers to search engines, email marketing and links to and from your website to others.

How does your business define digital marketing?

With such a large scope, what your business considers digital marketing will be very different from another business. Essentially, it is the online tactics you use to reach your current customer base and new customers too.

It’s what you spend your time doing online to promote your business. And that includes a whole range of different activities and may include;

* Search engine optimisation (SEO) – the inclusion of keywords and so on in website content and blogs posts so your business can be found online
* Content marketing – is the creation and sharing of unique content relating to your business. It includes blog posts and infographics, as well as web pages and so on.
* Social media marketing – a powerful tool for raising brand awareness, social media marketing can also drive traffic to your website.
* Pay Per Click (PPC) – are paid for online adverts that appear on certain platforms such as paid for ads on Google result pages or adverts on social media platforms.
* Email marketing – sending emails direct to customer inboxes with personalised offers is a growing trend that many businesses are taking more notice off. This too is a form of digital marketing.

These are just a few examples of which there are many more including online PR, affiliate marketing and marketing automation.

What works for your business in relation to digital marketing? Does it deliver results?


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