What are the Best Marketing Techniques for PR in 2019?

What are the Best Marketing Techniques for PR in 2019?

What are the Best Marketing Techniques for PR in 2019?

Living and working in the digital age, it’s tempting to assume that all marketing in 2019 will be digitally based. But as we see, PR firms still have a range of marketing techniques to facilitate their brands connecting with and growing their customer base.

#1 Interactive buying experiences

Customers are seeking a buying experience and in a physical, real-life form. Growing tired of online marketing techniques, many brands are reverting to offline marketing in 2019 creating buying experiences that include everything from story-telling to demonstrations and sampling stations.  Hiring Brand Ambassadors to manage this for you is a simple, cheap and effective way to do this.

#2 Email marketing

Sticking with digital marketing is no bad thing but it means you need to understand not what avenues are working as marketing techniques in 2019 but how to use them effectively.

Growing your email subscription list will be instrumental in maintaining a good relationship with customers but don’t bombard with offers and deals because the modern consumer is looking for information and news too.

#3 Revisit your blog content

If you take a close, hard look at the traffic coming into your client’s blog, you may see that it isn’t the new posts that are attracting attention but the older articles. Posts that are still being visited six to eight months after publication are worth revisiting but you’ll need to consider what it is about the content that is still bringing readers back time and again.

#4 Podcasting and video

Relating directly to storytelling and buyer experience, podcasting and the use of video on social media is certainly a driving force in marketing in 2019. Ignore it, and your clients face being left behind.

Podcasts are really coming into their own with many successful podcasts capturing the imagination of the listener. With people actively searching for podcasts recommendations, isn’t it time you jumped on this marketing wagon?

#5 Social media based PR

No matter how long or how little someone spends online, it is estimated that individuals spent at least 30% of their time on social media. These are 2017 figures but two years on, the landscape of our social media usage is unlikely to have reduced.

Even though we may be falling out of love with social media especially in relation to user privacy and data sharing, it is still a powerful platform in terms of PR. Marketing vis social media in 2019 will focus on not only getting your clients noticed on news outlets on social media, bur driving increasing traffic to their own social media accounts. But are they ready for the influx of interest?

#6 Extend with partnerships

Extending your client’s brand into marketplaces where they don’t have a share can seem like a no-fail strategy but it’s rarely that simple. Collaboration is the buzzword for brands in 2019 and so it makes sense to connect your clients with other brands but unless there is a tangible connection between them, it can be a partnership that looks odd and disjointed.

What marketing techniques will you be using for PR in 2019?


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