Using Mascots and Costume Performers for PR Stunts

Using Mascots and Costume Performers for PR Stunts

Using Mascots and Costume Performers for PR Stunts

To push brand awareness, a business needs to continually improve and innovate on their marketing campaigns. It is for this reason they often turn to PR agencies and is also the reason why we work with PR agencies and brands on their big campaigns. It is also the reason why mascots and costume performers are great for PR stunts too.

Choosing the right mascot for your client and campaign

Mascots and costumed performers are similar to other marketing tools in that they need to be ‘right’ in order to attract the right attention from the right people. Whether you want a well-known cartoon or film character to hand out flyers at an event or take on a specific character linked directly to your brand, product or services, it needs to grab attention. But just how do you choose the right character or mascot?

#1 It needs to fit with your brand

There needs to be a connection between the mascot and your brand, or between the character and your campaign.

If, for example, the PR stunt needs to be appeal to children and families, choosing a character that is well-known in children’s films or cartoons makes sense. For other campaigns, it may be that you want to use a character that is connected to your brand specifically.

Either way, choose one that has a connection to your brand and/or marketing campaign, and it will make sense to your customers too!

#2 Make sure hiring a mascot performer is about engagement

Essentially, investing in a character or mascot performer is to add a huge amount of fun to your next marketing campaign!

For this kind of PR stunt to be successful, it needs to be about engagement. It presents so many opportunities for customers or fans to take photos with the mascot and then to share online. For any brand, this is fantastic as it presents the opportunity for your brand to potentially go viral online.

That could be one aim but what should drive the hiring of a mascot performer is engagement, making the connection between a brand and its customers fun and memorable.

#3 A cost-effective marketing ploy

Brands measure the success of different marketing campaign in different ways. Inevitably, there will be a return on investment somewhere in the KPIs – what yield has the money you spent on the campaign given you?

As well as hiring costumes, e.g. of a certain character, you may decide to create your own mascot. Although this is an initial outlay, it is certainly not outside the bounds of your marketing budget. And once you have invested in the costume, you can use it time and again – and just hire the performer to bring it to life.

#4 Link it to your digital marketing

Online marketing is both powerful and cost-effective, commonly used by brands to extend their reach to customers and new audiences online. Hiring costumed performers or mascot for events and PR stunts are perfect for using as part of digital marketing plans too.

But don’t just take our word for it – why not try it for yourself?


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