The Best PR Stunts in 2019 (so far!)

The Best PR Stunts in 2019 (so far!)

The Best PR Stunts in 2019 (so far!)

PR stunts that grab the public’s attention can catapult a brand from standing to stratospheric overnight. But what stunts have made 2019 a great year so far?

Aviation Gin and the ‘coolness’ of Ryan Reynolds

If you don’t follow Ryan Reynolds on social media you are missing a treat. Dry wit and a sassy sense of humour, the exchanges between him and other Hollywood celebs are not to be missed. Likewise, his comments on being a parent will have your rolling in the aisles.

So it’s no surprise that his association with Aviation Gin makes it marketing the coolest in 2019 so far.

IKEA does it again

IKEA has brought some amazing PR stunts over the years. The installation of hot tubs along the banks of the River Seine to promote its new bathroom catalogue is one but the best we think has been the recent ‘sofas from The Simpson’s stunt’. Always keeping us talking, IKEA has the PR stunts off to a fine art.

Big Mac and the bacon controversy

Is it a Big Mac if it has bacon on it? As divisive as Brexit, McDonald’s who come up with some great ads from time to time, really touched the nerve of change with this add. Clearly, people fell into two camps – yes, it is a Big Mac with bacon or, as according to the purists, adding bacon to the Big Mac is just not on! Five stars for a great campaign and an extra bonus point for roping in father and son Harry and Jamie Redknapp.

IKEA’s giant rubbish each duck

Back to IKEA again (you can’t keep a good marketing team down) and this time, they launched a remote-controlled boat shaped like a huge duck (just like the bath toy they sell instore, in fact) that munched its way through the litter in the river. IKEA Greenwich headed this one up and was a timely PR stunt as we were all still reeling from plastic in the ocean shock depict sea turtles wrapped in plastic.

Swimming champions highlight water-borne plastic pollution

We said it was a theme and if you ever needed a stark picture of floating plastic debris it comes in the shape of two champion synchronised swimmers drowning in a sea of plastic – in the normally blue, pristine waters of the local swimming pool. A great PR stunt that kept the conversation going.

Barbie re-imagined as she turned 60

The iconic Barbie along with her sidekick Ken were the staple of many childhoods but when Barbie turned 60, it was decided that we needed to see what she looked like – and just how well she’d aged. It was a bit of light-hearted fun by a dating website that pushed them in front in the world of online dating.

And finally…

EasyJet bagged itself some good press when it offered mentorship to a young female pilot who just happened to get her pilot’s licence at 16. Ridiculed on radio, many people came out in defence of Ellie Carter with EasyJet seizing this gift of good PR by offering her mentorship.

All these PR stunts achieved what they set out to – to get people talking about them!


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