The 4 Best Marketing Tips Money Can Buy

The 4 Best Marketing Tips Money Can Buy

marketing tipsThe 4 Best Marketing Tips Money Can Buy

So you want to learn more about marketing, great! After all, having the best product in the market is useless if you’re unable to sell it. Here some tips for marketing beginners that sometimes don’t even seem to occur to some pros. 

1. Know Your Customer

You need to remember that your customer is a living, thinking, human being not a piece of meat. They are real people with real needs. Identifying those needs is the first step to fulfilling them and therefore offering them a product they’re willing to pay for. Knowing your customer is most important of all aspects of marketing. Any product is a hard sell if not an impossible one if you’re just not reaching the right people. You also have to understand your customer because the more you do the easier will be to sell but also to retain your customer for future sales. Everyone knows it takes more effort and money to gain new customers than it does to retain loyal ones. 

2. Pour into Your Staff

Everyone knows in marketing that it’s important to be able to sell yourself. If you can’t, after all, then who else should even try? Despite this being true it’s also equally true that the best way to grow fast is to let other people do the selling for you. With their creativity and ingenuity you’ll obtain a rich pool of individual talent and growing team contribution. Show your people that they’re valued and their efforts will be rewarded and your business will soar. 

3. Set an Appropriate Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategies are not necessarily always about aiming low, though that can be beneficial. Your pricing strategy has to take in the needs and nature of the customer you’re marketing to. Take the very contrasted pricing strategies of two major retailers for example. Macy’s provides high end goods that always carry a high price tag. Their target tends to lean more towards the wealthy and affluent. With this strategy they can generate large revenues with very few sales and the effort that goes into them. It also makes the customer feel like they bought something of value and they get to hold their heads high knowing they could afford it. On the other hand you also have Walmart who became famous not only for the convenience of having multiple categories of multiple goods all in one place, but they offered them at cutthroat rates to lower income and middle class family wanting quality goods at affordable prices. 
There are benefits to both strategies as well as trying to find a balance between the two somewhere in between. Come up with the best strategy that works for you. 

4. Deal Well with Negativity

Nobody wants to hear this one. Perhaps that’s  because no one wants to deal with it period, let alone with a calm and unshaken demeanor. Complaints and unsatisfied customers shouldn’t be seen as a nightmare but as an opportunity. It’s common knowledge in the business world that when you lead an angry customer to a satisfactory resolution you often produce loyal longterm clients. If you can learn to calm your nerves and clear your head and pursue a solution to avoid a shouting match, you’ll bring your business to the next level.