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Influencers have existed in human life since the dawn of mankind. Its in our human nature to be influenced by other people. Whether it is in social norms, clothing, or religion. However, in the past decade and rapidly more in recent years social media has changed the way that we interact and make decisions.

Recent studies have shown interesting facts such as 70% of teens trust social media influencers over traditional celebrities. Such is the power of influencer advertising that in the US over $6 is spent for every $1 invested.

The time to invest in influencer campaigns is now. In 2021 the market is set to be worth 15 Billion dollars globally.

Why Envisage PR Staff?

Unlike most of the market suppliers. Envisage give both flexibility allowing for small campaigns with costs starting less than £100. We also believe that a great way to reach higher returns on your investment is to use micro influencers that passionate about the service to be advertised and have a loyal fanbase following.

  • You can control the post and monitor the results yourself.
  • Our influencers can do a one off product/service ad – or they can do something that is a little longer term – it’s entirely up to you.
  • We have over 300 micro-influencers currently on our books, ranging from 1k+ followers to 30k+.
  • The influencers cover Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook
  • Some influencers specialise in different areas – i.e. motorbikes, baby, events, food, interior design

What social media influencers packages can we offer?

• Authentic and genuine

We are naturally driven to want to connect with the human face of a product. More so than any guarantee, we are drawn to recommendations for their level of sincerity. A company could have all the reviews you could wish for, but if your family member can vouge for a service its clear which choice you will make. Working with social media influencers who are drawn to your product and share your passion emphasises this authenticity.

• Targeted marketing

Above all, our aim is authenticity. Without it, an influencer campaign is redundant. Working with influencers that have a obvious correlation to your product will yield better results.

• Affordable

The flexibility of social media influencer means that you can work with an influencer to publish one post or work on a project for the longer term. Either way, this is an affordable marketing tool.

Hire social media influencers…

Call our team on 0844 800 0071 or use the contact form below for more information.

Prices start from £97 per post, dependant on post frequency, influencer, follower rate and length of the project. If you are new to the idea of influencers please pick up the phone for a chat for some no obligation advice.


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