Costumed characters for Tour De France UK

The Brief

Working with a PR agency on behalf of Skoda we were asked to provide confident, fun and engaging males to be on an open topped truck travelling behind the cyclists as they raced through Harrogate, Sheffield and Cambridge when the Tour De France came to the UK in July 2014.

The promotional males were dressed in various superhero outfits. One of the outfits the event staff had to wear was a mankini which certainly took some real confidence but how it got noticed!

The brief given from the PR agency was to attract attention, wave to the crowd and engage with people when the truck had stopped. As part of the assignment the guys were to distribute literature on the Skoda vehicle range and pose for pictures with the public watching the Tour De France.

Arranging the right promotional staff

The challenge for us as an agency was not only finding good looking chaps that were confident to wear the outfits (especially the mankini) but also that could travel to each location ready for the next stage of the tour.
Our bookings team had lots of applications from chaps that were really not suitable but after going through the full brief, organising the transport logistics and ensuring we had the best team for the client the event was a huge success!

The promotional event results

The feedback from the client was that they really got the results they wanted in terms of strong brand awareness, lots of product information distributed and the general public enjoying the fun given by the superheroes….especially the poor chap in the mankini!

We have since worked with this PR agency and their client on many occasions where we have provided Brand Ambassadors for product placement assignments. Our event staff have been in shopping centres and supermarkets with the vehicles on display collecting data and generating interest in the local Skoda dealerships.