Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

As a small business, you’ll be wanting to grab as much attention as possible but standing out from the crowd is tough to do. We’ve come up with great ideas that any small business can use to push their marketing strategy onward and upward!

5 essential steps!

1. Create your brand identity – creating a brand identity takes a bit of work but once you’ve nailed it, you’ll never look back.
2. Identify your buyers – who are they? Answering this simple but tough question pushes your marketing forward by aiming it at the right people.
3. Design your logo – this is the symbol that customers will grow familiar with and, if you get your product and customer service right, will come to associate with quality.
4. Get online – this is a BIG step for any small business because no matter what you do, an online presence is essential. Start with a website and build from there.
5. Identify marketing outlets – knowing who your customers are means you’ll know where they are at and that means creating a multi-channelled marketing strategy that reaches them. But how…?

ONLINE marketing

Online marketing takes many forms including:
Business blog – regularly adding content to your website hits ever-changing, important keywords and SEO markers. Consider hiring a freelance writer to create content that people want to read. Don’t forget visual stuff too, like infographics and videos.
Social media – many small businesses find that a fun, vibrant brand presence of social media acts as a bridge to their business, linking people from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on to their website. Creating an online marketing strategy is a useful process for optimising not just social media but your website too.
You can also advertise online with pay-per-click (PPC) ads on search engines and on social media sites too.

OFFLINE marketing

Offline marketing means any form of marketing that happens ‘in the flesh’. It can be anything from printed flyers pushed through letterboxes to posters in bus stops.
Many people thought that the digital era meant that offline marketing would die away but this isn’t the case. Most businesses spend more on online marketing but they are still spending on offline marketing too.

However, they are realising that to make an impact with offline marketing, they have to think outside of the box and make sure it connects strongly to social media and their website.
There are many possibilities including;

Sampling stationsgiving away free samples does work. We’ve worked with small businesses in the food and drink industry, for example, to get their new products noticed.
Experiential marketing – creating a memorable experience (sometimes called a ‘sticky experience’) is key in the modern age. PR stunts can really set your marketing strategy on fire! With a well-thought-out strategy and plan, the initial investment in experiential marketing can yield significant ROI for a small business.
Trade shows and expos – a form of networking, these are great platforms from which to make more of your small business. They are also a great forum for product launches too. Get the right promotional team, and again, an expo or trade show will be a marketing investment that pays dividends.

Whatever form or mode of marketing is right for your business, it needs to be memorable because that is exactly what marketing is all about.


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