Looking for new brand launch ideas?

Looking for new brand launch ideas?

Looking for new brand launch ideas?

There are lots of ideas thrown around during creative meetings. Sometimes you need a little external inspiration, a fresh look if you will. So we have put together a couple of ideas that might help inject some spark into those creative juices.

Maybe you can turn some of these suggestions into a fresh new approach adapting the ideas to fit your clients brand? The key is to match the idea to your clients vision. If your client can visualise the end goal then you are half way there to creating a launch, a promotion or an event that your client buys into and wants to be part of.

Pop up shop

A pop up shop gets noticed. Why? Because its different, it wasn’t there last week so it catches the eye and the natural curiosity of people means they want to know what’s going on. More importantly, they want to tell people about it..’Have you seen that new shop in the town centre, looks cool, you should have a look, I don’t know when that opened’

Maybe your client has never been in the high street, maybe they are simply an on line brand, even better! That’s really going to get them noticed, especially if the pop up shop is bright and in your face!

Have a launch party!

Think outside the box and have a real think about who should be invited. Social influencers and other people that share and communicate all the time are great to have at a party.  Maybe steer clear of the ‘norm’ as everyone has been to a conference style launch and they can be a little bit forgettable. Pool and BBQ party with entertainment is a great way to get people talking and sharing pictures on social media.

Exhibition stands – with a twist

Instead of having one large booth why not have a few smaller booths dotted around the exhibition hall? Be loud and be bold with the stands, make people want to stop and have a look and have a chat. Make people want to have their picture taken with your clients branding in the back ground because you know where this picture will end up right?

Exactly, all over social media! Attract them to the stand with something that is fun and exciting as a free cup of tea never excited anybody.

Make the booth look different, go for a large telephone booth or something ridiculous that is in your face shouting ‘ LOOK AT ME!’

Consider prizes for data and give the prizes out on the hour every hour because people will seek out your booth again if the prizes are good enough.

Go somewhere that you shouldn’t be!

It’s a sure way to stand out from the crowd. If you are a crisp retailer then go an exhibition for chartered accountants. Providing the audience is big enough then why not put yourself in a place where you shouldn’t be? It will surprise people and they will take a second look and may even ask…’Why are you here?’ That’s sure getting the brand noticed!
Don’t be afraid to be in what is perceived as the wrong crowd. There isn’t a wrong crowd, there is just an opportunity to get the brand noticed and after all, isn’t that what we are all trying to do?

We love PR and especially love working with PR agencies. If there is any help we can give with your next brand activation, gorilla marketing or event then get in contact, we are poised and ready to offer our assistance you can contact us on 0844 800 0071 or use the contact form below.


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