How to Make Experiential Marketing a Public Relation Dream

How to Make Experiential Marketing a Public Relation Dream

How to Make Experiential Marketing a Public Relation Dream

Pushing boundaries and delivering results, promises you have made your clients. You know how to deliver on these because you have the skills and ability to do so. Now you just need the right marketing vehicle.

Experiential marketing is that vehicle. Essentially bringing all marketing efforts to life, lifting it from the page, this kind of marketing delivers the results you have promised your clients.  Because you are a forward-thinking, ambitious PR agency, pushes boundaries too.

But why tune into experiential marketing? If you are serious about delivering results and the buzz clients crave, opting for this method of marketing is a no brainer.

#1 Experiential marketing is effective…

… and there are statistics to prove it. Move your client’s return on investment from mediocre to fabulous. 80% of brands said that for every £1 they spent on their latest experimental marketing campaign, they received £3 back. For a smaller majority, this ROI was as high as 20:1.

#2 Increases sales and leads

Customers said they were ‘more likely to buy’ as a result of an experiential marketing event. Brands agreed that this was the case with three quarters believing that sales and leads directly increased as a result.

#3 Promote the connection between brand and customer

You know how important it is for brands to connect with customers but does your client? Tangible marketing that allows a customer to see, hear, smell, touch or taste a product is a dream when it comes to putting your client’s brand in front of their customer.

#4 Stretch the sense of brand loyalty

When a client is breaking into or want to maintain or grow their presence in a competitive marketplace, they will turn to a PR company like yours to bolster results. Brand loyalty should not be side-lined or forgotten. When consumers meet a brand, they are likely to begin to develop a sense of brand loyalty, something that is as powerful today as it ever was.

#5 Bridges online and offline marketing efforts

As offline marketing efforts go, experiential marketing events must surely be one of the most powerful, delivering exceptional results.

Now bridge offline and online marketing and you can see how they feed into and off each other. Creating sharable events is something we do every day for our clients, PR agencies included because it is the people, the atmosphere and the fun element that attracts people.

With 4 out of 5 adults in the UK owning a smartphone, the possibility of snippets of videos and photos being shared online of an event is high.

Selling experiential marketing to your client

On the face of it, a vibrant, fun event makes sense but with budgets under pressure, you need to reassure your client that an experiential marketing event will work, delivering the results you need.

Hiring the right promotional people is key to success. Strategizing the event is the fuel, making sure that the target audience is reached and that every opportunity is maximised.

Fun, targeted and building on brand values – what is there not to love about experiential marketing and the results it delivers?


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