promo staff for hire in ManchesterConnecting The Consumers- Hire Promotional Staff In Manchester

A large proportion of companies and brands assume that their marketing department, are the perfect choice to promote their products and gain exposure amongst their customers. What they fail to understand is that, just reaching out to the consumer is not enough. They need to be connected with them and understand what they have to say and share. Knowing what your customers are expecting is the right way to interact with them.

Why hire Envisage Promotional Staff?

We work with various PR companies and Marketing Agencies who hire promotional personnel and brand ambassadors who are highly trained in dealing with the customers and boosting customer engagements. They understand that by simply placing ads, putting up billboards and running advertisements will not help find customers and convert them. You need to be able to connect to them, understand their requirements and probable expectations. As we understand the needs of PR agencies we understand the importance of providing the right people for the job in a cost-effective way!

Benefits of hiring us!

hire street marketing teams in ManchesterThere are many benefits you can enjoy on hiring promotional staff and Brand Ambassadors from Envisage. Some of the benefits are:

• The improved and much engaging customer experience. The promotional staff do not ask to be paid more. They are simply doing their job, by working with the customers and relating to them the benefits that your brand has to offer. Having happy smiling staff to greet your customers can turn the tables in your benefit and get you considerably higher ratings with regards to customer satisfaction.
• There are always chances of higher sales being generated. The sole reason for higher sales, are the excellent customer service that was given to them when the first interaction with your brand occurred. Higher customer satisfaction gets converted to higher sales. The other reason for higher sales is the product or service demonstration that is being given by the PR staff. This helps in luring the customers into buying the products as they can see the live display. It also puts an end to any lack of harmony that might exist during purchase.
• The company can save money. If you are using your own staff, they tend to demand, over time, travel allowance or any other benefit. Hiring Envisage PR service will ensure that you get the best professional service at the most reasonable rates without ever compromising your company’s productivity.
• The PR staff have a professional attitude, hence it is never an issue with regards to any possible compromise on the quality of the customer service being provided. We can white label our staff as your own too.

Brand Ambassadors and Marketing Street Teams across Manchester

We provide our services all over Manchester and therefore are not limited geographically. All our staff are highly professional with honesty, integrity, punctuality, and creativity as the core values. Our staff interact with the customers on one to one basis and is sure to give you 100% results!

We can also provide services in the following areas:

• Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre
• Trafford Centre
• Event City Exhibition Centre
• Stretford Shopping Mall
• Chill Factore
• Manchester Train Stations (Piccadilly, Victoria, Oxford Road, Deansgate)
• Manchester Football Stadiums

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