Envisage Promotions For PR Agencies and The Media

flash-mobs-crowd-of-people-londonEnvisage Promotions For PR Agencies and The Media

Envisage have provided promotional staff to a number of companies across the U.K for many years. With years of experience working with the media and various PR Agencies we’ve provided passionate and experienced staff members providing services such as:

• Street Teams & Flash Mobs
• Festival Staff
• Data Capture, Lead Generation & Sales
• Dancers, Singers, Actors & Presenters
• Demonstrations & Sampling
• Brand Ambassadors & Pop Up Shops
• Mascots & Costumed Characters
• Flyer distributing
• Set-up and packing down
• Conferences & Exhibitions
• Administration Support

Whatever it is you and your client are look for we have the right staff on hand and are ready to offer you our own in-house brand ambassadors to take your business or your clients to the next level. We take the time to speak with all of our clients to tailor our services and our staff to their specific needs.
We do our best to live by the following three principles:
1. Make it Easy
2. Be reliable
3. Understand your needs

We’re here to take a load off you to leave you to perform the busy tasks of running a business. As we take the pressure off we understand the many needs of your business and your clients, and we’re here to help with our experience staff and their expertise.
We have worked with many of the biggest brands from Ford and Mercedes to Amazon and Ralph Lauren, Hilton, Pandora, and many more.

Promotional Staff: An Agency for Agencies

We’ve had an incredible experience with the many PR agencies that we’ve supplied promotional staff. We always come together for a smooth business working experience where we can all insure we’re all on the same page. In doing so maximize profits while minimising conflict. We also love to collaborate with our clients. When you work with us, you are the centre of our universe, and it pays off for both of us.

Promotional staff that really make a difference!

With over 7,000 event staff across the UK we always able to supply workers for whatever you need. They’re always briefed and trained and we make sure they know what’s expected of them as they supply your promotional needs. You can contact by calling or filling out an online enquiry form and then we can discuss your requirements and how we can best serve you.