Product Placement Staff – Volkswagen

The Brief

We have been working with this particular PR agency for over three years across the UK. They required two product placement staff to promote VW cars outside a well known supermarket. They wanted the staff to show potential clients around the cars, explain the features and benefits then get a lead.

They either had to call the dealer there and then or take down details for the dealership to follow up on the next day.

The Campaign

On behalf of the PR Agency, Envisage supplied and staffed experienced product placement brand ambassadors with a proven track record in data collection and sales.

When our staff arrived on site they would assess the site and would sometimes recommend to the dealer where best to position the vehicles to get the best foot fall. The staff have targets to achieve so it is important to them that the cars are in the most advantageous position.

The cars would have large banners and the boots would be open to encourage people to take a look.  Everyone who approached the vehicles or walked past would be approached in a non evasive way and shown around the cars.
The product placement staff would take the leads on an iPad or book test drives.

Product Placement Results

At the end of each day the staff would report back to the dealer and Envisage with their sales and leads for the day.
The client again was pleased with the results and the way we worked with them to make sure the staff got the most out of their investment.