Boris Johnson extra’s hired for PR stunt in London


Working with our client “Oxfam” we were challenged with arranging six male extras to be part of a PR stunt which required six Boris Johnson look-a-likes.
The activity did carry a serious political message but Oxfam wanted the activity to get noticed for its fun focus on the Boris characters. Our actors were provided with Boris hair pieces and were asked to dress in suite and tie’s with one of the chaps having a fake fibreglass head that looked like Boris.  The extras walked around London heading towards Whitehall and then across Westminster Bridge.  Each of the actors carried a briefcase with one word on it so when they walked behind each other it read out the message ‘Stop British Bombs Fuelling Yemen Crisis’. The actors had to walk through the areas of London targeted with a serious facial expression while people stopped to take photos of them. Our team spent a lot of time interviewing and briefing applicants to make sure they really understood the brief and would be able to stay in character while having lots of attention thrown their way.

PR Stunt stops traffic in London

The feedback we had from our client is that everything worked perfectly.  Whilst there was the serious message they wanted to get across, the direction taken to get this message in the public eye worked brilliantly with hundreds of people stopping and having a double take at the line of Boris Johnson’s walking past them.  The general public were taking photos which later appeared on their social media as well as journalists turning up to see what all the fuss was about!  Drivers were winding down their windows laughing and shouting out “Boris!” as they drove past the actors which created even more interest.

Hire extras in London for PR activity – Get noticed!

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