Case Study For Nottingham Building Society

The Brief

To introduce the building society to a new target audience, raise awareness and promote the facilities available for savings and other accounts. Promotional drive was carried out with 2 costumed characters targeting mainly families with children throughout Nottingham and Leicestershire. The campaign involved the mascot performers engaging with the target audience at spring fairs, street marketing campaigns and road shows in Leicester, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray, Loughborough, Market Harborough, Sheffield, March and Wisbeach .

The Campaign expectations and targets

A team of two experienced mascot performers in the Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire area to engage with the target audience of young families to promote the children’s saving accounts. The Maid Marion and Robin Hood costumed characters would walk around the targeted locations with a chaperone who would engage in conversation about the services and products with the families. The costumed performers would hand out flyers to the adults, goody bags to the children and pose for hundreds of pictures with the excited children to really get the brand noticed. The client really wanted individuals that could perform in the outfits without actually talking so it was important they could slip into character and engage with the parents and children without verbal communication.
Some of the promotional activity was based in several towns in the area where the promotional teams would approach people in the street and encourage them to enter the building society to discuss in details the benefits of opening the promoted accounts. The fun characters really lent itself well to a street marketing campaign because they generated a lot of interest from the children.

Bespoke Branding

The promotional staff had to be a certain height and have the level of fitness required to walk around in heavy mascot outfits whilst maintaining a fun , entertaining and engaging approach at all times. The outfits were large, bright and very visible which allowed them to be easily spotted by the children.

Feedback and Results

The campaign was spread across 17 different days mainly at weekends throughout the summer of 2014. The client reported a significant increase in new accounts and a real buzz in the brand because of the costumed characters. The campaign was very popular with families and children would go out of their way to engage with the performers and have their pictures taken.