hire a crowd of people london‘Frank’ Movie PR Stunt Case Study

When the production company for the new movie ‘Frank‘ enquired about hiring some staff for a PR stunt they had in mind, we knew we needed to put out our best staff to get exactly the results that they needed! They had a number of idea’s to create a social media fenzy and build the excitement for the upcoming movie.

The Brief

They required promotional staff to help them promote the premier of their new movie ‘Frank’, the biopic of the comedian and musician Chris Sievey, or better known as Frank Sidebottom. What the aim of this stunt was to create a real buzz about the new film and really get it in the public eye.

They needed 100 members of staff to take to the streets of London with all but one of them wearing a paper mask of Frank. One of our lucky staff got the fantastic opportunity to step into Franks shoes and wear the actual mask that was used in the recent movie and worn by Michael Fassbender himself! This person had to be exactly the same height and build as Michael.

Our staff, were seen recreating the Beatles famous picture of them crossing Abbey Road, they were also spotted getting on the underground and posing for picture in front on Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. Frank Movie was encouraging people to tweet if they found Frank roaming the streets using the hash-tag #FindFrank.

The Result

The result of this fantastic stunt was that they managed to get an incredible amount of activity on social networking sites, with loads of people using #FindFrank, having pictures taken with Frank and the other staff and tweeting them in.