pr staff for pr stunt central londonPR Stunt – Central London

The Brief

We provided a crowd of Lady Gaga’s for a PR Company who were working with Smithfield Market with the aim of keeping the market open. In July last year it was looking highly likely that the historic market would close forever due to plans to demolish and re develop the area. Our mission was to raise maximum awareness both with the media and the general public to inform of the planned closure. After much thought and planning we organised 50 Lady Gaga lookalikes to dress up in costume and march on iconic London landmarks with placards featuring hash tag trends.

Our promotional staff/ crowd sourcing

On this occasion the key for our bookings team was to find people that where behind the cause and looked like (or could dress like) Lady Gaga. As all of the gaga’s where experienced in performing they could really get in the character and create maximum attention. With the event having multiple locations to reach it was essential we had a well organised and co-ordinated event manager to ensure all checkpoints where reached on time.

Everyone we booked managed to pull together a ‘GaGa’ type outfit and the client provided a few props.

By using local Envisage Agency experienced and professional staff we could guarantee that all 50 members of the gaga team arrived on site punctually and were fully briefed as to their requirements for the event. With over 3,000 promotional event staff that work in London sourcing our clients exact requirements was achieved in a quick turnaround.

The Results

Once the activity had concluded we had a routine debrief with our client to discuss how the event ran the impact we created. We were delighted with the media coverage achieved on the event with reports reaching newspapers, evening news and social media. Such was the success of the event Smithfield market was saved!