in store demonstrators nationwideIn store demonstrators – 30 Boots stores UK & Ireland

The Brief
Our client had manufactured a brand new anti-bacterial skincare regime called FaceB4 that was being launched exclusively in Boots during their “Let’s Give It A Go” campaign across the largest 30 branches in the UK and Ireland. The event was being run to inspire people to be open to experimentation and discovery.
Our client required one of our in store demonstrators in each of the 30 boots stores to demonstrate their skin care product and sell its features including it being proven to be the UK’s most effective anti-bacterial face wash which had been proven by independent test research as well as being professionally and medically endorsed.
The client not only wanted their product demonstrated and sold to the general public in the stores but also for our in store demonstrators to get excited and explain the product.

Our promotional staff and locations

The key for our bookings team was to fit the in store demonstrators to the product they were demonstrating. In this case it was vital the promotional ladies had fantastic skin as they were demonstrating a skin care product. Our client wanted ladies that looked fantastic but also had the sales skills to boost sales of their product on the day. In addition to the staffing we had to manage the logistics of the products and uniforms being delivered directly to the demonstrator’s home address rather than the individual stores. This of course was not as simple as it sounds as we had to arrange several courier firms and make sure each of the promotional staff were there to collect the stock when it arrived. One of the courier firms did not deliver to stock to the correct address so we had to arrange for the demonstrator to drive and collect the boxes the night before the promotion.
As this was a new exciting launch it was essential that everything remained confidential until the day of the promotion.
Some of the Boots stores were not fully prepared or had places suitable to demonstrate products but our staff made sure they liaised with ourselves and the client and came up with solutions where required.
There were a couple of late changes with the demonstrators which meant there were also late changes with sending the products but our 24/7 back up service kicked in and we had 30 of our ladies checked in on time ready to go at the 30 different locations across the UK and Ireland.

The Results

A few days after the promotion we prepared a full report for the client detailing the results and feedback from each location. This involved asking the demonstrators to put together their findings and sales results on the day and collating all this information into one document for the client. We also challenged the demonstrators with obtaining pictures from each site of them talking to clients and demonstrating the product as the client wanted pictures from each site in the report. The whole reporting process was vital for the client so they could see in black and white the figures and gage the success of the operation.

The results were fantastic and the day had been a huge success with our in store demonstrators exceeding expectations in all areas. The feedback from the general public was all reported back to the client enabling the client to work through improvements that might be needed for future promotions.