data capture staff, road show staffAnglian Water – Data Collection Staff

The Brief

We worked with Anglian Water providing staff at various locations across the East of England aiming to sign up a 1000 people over a 3 week period for a consultation process.

Our promotional road show staff were provided with ipads to collect data from the general public and go through a set of questions with them.  They were distributing branded stainless steel water bottles, rubber ducks and umbrellas as incentives. Our teams worked with representatives from Anglian water at each location.

Promotional staff and locations

Anglian Water were so delighted with the volume of clients that our promotional staff signed up in the 3 week campaign the promotion was extended for a further 2 weeks across new locations.

Work started with Anglian Water in February 2013 across 13 locations including Ipswich, Northampton, Peterborough and Lincoln with us providing on average of 6 event staff for each roadshow.   With the extension for a further 2 weeks because of the fantastic results we finished up providing more than 150 promotional staff across 25 locations.

The promotional staff we provided were chosen by our bookings team based on a couple of key requirements. They must have had previous experience with data capture campaigns and must have a proven track record of working events that required them to engage with clients. These requirements enabled our bookings team to filter through the applicants so we knew the staff that turned up every day would be perfect for Anglian waters requirements.

We placed an event manager at every location even though our client did not ask for this. We felt it was important the Anglian water staff at the events had one person they could discuss the event with knowing the event manager would share any changes and updates with the rest of the promotional team. The event managers were provided at no extra cost and our client was extremely impressed with this extra level of service.

We had a 100% attendance for each assignment. Our 24/7 event management service helped here because there were some staff that were ill and could not attend but our bookings team had them replaced immediately without having to involve the client.

Data Collection Staff – The Results

Well the results were simply brilliant and far exceeded Anglian waters expectations. Our contact at Anglian water explained they had never run a campaign of this nature before so it was a risk for them but they will definitely be working with us in the future.

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for all your help with the road shows. The event program engaged with the largest amount of people to record! I look forward to working again with you soon.”