Being Proud of Pride

Being Proud of Pride

Being Proud of Pride

June is pride month, an annual celebration across the globe that highlights the beauty and happiness of everyone being able to live their life as they want and love who they want.

For members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and those questioning their sexual identity (the addition of Q = ‘queer’) or LGBTQ, this hasn’t and still isn’t always the case.

The way in which different countries choose to celebrate Pride is different, with some countries also opting to hold it at different times of the year.

But why is it important that brands get involved with Pride Month? Is it cynical to suggest it is nothing more than a chance to sell more, to more people?

Brand support for Pride Month

On one hand, we seem to live in a more tolerant society. Today, people can live openly with their partners and with discussion and conversations around transgender issues too, it looks like society if more tolerant.

But for many, this is merely on the surface. For some, living in some communities as an openly gay couple can lead to hostility.

There is still a long way to go to accept members of the LGBTQ communities, something Elton John highlighted with his call to boycott social media for failing to challenge and shut down homophobic hate speech.

Thus, as a company or organisation, large or small, openly supporting Pride month is just one way of promoting tolerance and harmony.

But what have brands been doing to promote and support Pride Month?

Everyone accepted, no exceptions

Adidas is known for coming up with snazzy, snappy slogans that sell their footwear and sportswear as the hot brand to have.

Their support of Pride Month is long-standing and their advert for their latest trainer, covered in rainbow coloured powered paint – the rainbow colours being the colour and unifying symbol of Pride – has earned them top spot with many members of the LGBTQ communities.

It supports Pride, it says, so that a world can be created “where every single person can be accepted without exception”.

H&M – The Pride Collection

H&M is not the only brand to release a pride collection, but for this brand, 2018 is the first year they have done so.

With a range of fabulous designs, the marketing and promotion campaign goes alongside it is fabulous too. Using models from the LGBTQ community as well as those who ‘look different’, the H&M Pride Collection is promising to be a big hit with customers and a glowing endorsement of Pride too.

Burt’s Bees #UncapLove

Producing a range of lip moisturisers, Burt’s Bees are also producing a rainbow pack of moisturisers for Pride Month, complete with rainbow colours and supporting the hashtag #UncapLove

How will your business or organisation stand up and be counted during Pride Month?

These are just three examples of companies taking a stand this year for tolerance and acceptance. Global brands they may be, small businesses and organisations can make a stand too.

From donating a % from sales during June to creating special packaging or wearing rainbow colours and pin badges, there are many things you and your staff can do to celebrate Pride.

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