6 Event Jobs You Should Outsource

6 Event Jobs You Should Outsource

6 Event Jobs You Should Outsource

Outsourcing is the cost-effective way of hiring a temporary member of staff to complete to a certain job or task. It means that any company, no matter how big or small, can take advantage of a skill set that they otherwise would not be able to afford.

And this is certainly true when it comes to events, trade shows and conferences. Which event day jobs are best to be outsourced?

1. Onsite event project manager

For large events, the need to manage every detail should not be underestimated. It is a skilled job, one that requires oversight over the whole event as well as bucketloads of diplomacy and finely tuned organisational skills.

Hiring them to work specifically on an event can relieve you of many of the time-consuming tasks that swallow managers whole into the void that is event managing. They literally manage everything including outsourcing all the other roles on the list.

2. Sales teams, promotional teams, sampling staff, presenters, hosts…

The list is almost endless but getting the right mix of professional event staff is essential and a cost-effective move on your part providing, that is, you have your objectives for the event firmly laid out.

If you are launching a new product, for example, you need a heady mix of promotional staff and demonstrators, as well as people who know how to work a crowd.

3. Security staff

Every event needs some kind of security presence on the day, more so when you have members of the public attending.

Event security is actually quite a detailed and specialist role, and not one that should be automatically allocated to the beefiest member of your staff. Security is not just about the physical hustle and bustle but the more covert stuff too, like recognising when someone is acting strangely or understanding when to step in.

SIA licensed event security staff are critical because these are men and women trained in delivering appropriate and professional security responses at events.

4. Front of house staff

From welcoming guests to answering questions, the front of house staff are the happy, smiling people who help everyone and anyone. They know the way to the train station and can direct event attendees to the bathroom, to phone charging points and more.

They are the troubleshooters on the front desk, the ‘meeters and greeters’, the people who have the answers.

This too is a skilled role and one that you can outsource to a promotional staffing agency.

5. Hospitality staff

From professional hostesses and hosts to waiting on staff, when it comes to social events where food and drink are involved, you not only need plenty of people to ensure guests are well looked after, you need waiting on staff who understand food safety, presentation and the importance of keeping the venue tidy and clean.

6. Box office staff

When people arrive, who checks their tickets? Who welcomes them? Who ushers them in? Box office staff or gate staff are invaluable. Sometimes, you can hire event security staff who double as checking in staff, checking bags and ID for example, as well as supervising entry and exit points.

Organising, planning and hosting an event sucks your time and energy, swallows resources that you never knew you had. But by hiring professional event staff, you could gain so much.


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