5 PR Trends Tipped for Success in 2020

5 PR Trends Tipped for Success in 2020

5 PR Trends Tipped for Success in 2020

With the remaining weeks of the year upon us, we take a look forward to 2020 to see what trends are tipped for success in the PR world.

Like other industries, it is important to learn from the past year and to understand what clients value as part of their marketing and PR strategies. So what will brands and clients be looking for from PR and agencies in the coming year?

#1 PR agencies with a clear focus and specialisation

Brands are becoming increasingly aware of just how important timely and effective communication is and as such, they are placing increasing emphasis on hiring PR agencies to make this happen.

But that’s only one step. The second is that brands are now becoming savvy in hiring PR agencies that have a clear focus on one industry. Building expert knowledge of an industry alongside PR tactics that work will be a clear win-win in the coming year.

As a PR agency, do you have a clear focus on an industry or field?

#2 Informed PR and marketing campaigns

Budgets are ever tighter and that means that every brand wants (and needs) a return on investment.

What that means is that campaigns need to be driven not just by strategy but by data. As data becomes more accurate, we have a better picture of what consumers and clients want and that means, marketing campaigns that are successful.

Crafting and executing marketing and PR campaigns in 2020 will need to really yield the results brands wants and need. Are you ready to drive these campaigns forward?

#3 Increased emphasis on collaboration and partnerships

For too long, PR and other marketing and communication avenues have been seen as cut-throat – the same can be said for all industries. What that prevented was the enthusiasm for brands to work in collaboration with others, even those business and organisations that were not their competitors.

In the coming year, there is a strong prediction on increased partnership and collaboration, the result of which will be stronger and more challenging projects.

Who could your clients work in collaboration with? Who could you work in partnership with?

#4 Improved use of technology

No industry is immune to the effects of technology but affordability is often a barrier, especially for smaller and medium-sized agencies and businesses.

There is a strong prediction that many of these technologies and tools will become more affordable in the first year of the new decade, bringing a quiet revolution to many smaller and mid-sized PR agencies.

How well do you use technology? What benefits does technology offer you and your clients?

#5 More accuracy and transparency

In recent years, we have become more concerned about where our data and personal information ends up. In general, people have also become more critical of the sources of information too, something that PR agencies responsible for communicating with the public need to understand.

In the coming year, this sometimes thorny issue will not go away but become more prevalent.

How do you intend to build public trust through PR in 2020?


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