10 Reasons to Hire PR Staff

10 Reasons to Hire PR Staff

10 Reasons for PR Companies to Hire Promotional Staff

With so much information bombarding the customer, getting your message to stand out from all this noise can be impossible. And for this very reason, you need to take a closer look at why hiring promotional staff is an effective tool for getting your message heard and by the right people.

#1 Hiring promo staff is proven and effective

Tangible and personal marketing is the name of game when it comes to reaching your consumers. The majority of clients say that for every £1 they spent on hiring promotional staff, they gained £3 in sales – an excellent return on investment. For some companies, this ROI was much higher.

#2 More sales, more leads

People buy from people. It is a fact as old as the hills themselves and so its no wonder that clients tell us they know that sales increase but used in the right way, PR staff can also generate valuable leads.

#3 Connect your customers with your product and brand

Connections are not to be undervalued because it is this connection that builds on brand loyalty. Marketers know that appealing to new customers takes a lot of investment of time and money but enticing back repeating customers is far easier IF you make the right connection with people.

#4 The ‘human face’ of your brand

People like to feel connected to a brand, we have already seen this in the point above, but there is also a suggestion that PR staff act as the human face to your brand, a tactic that is also proven to work.

#5 Sharing your brand values

For consumers to buy from you and to stay loyal, there needs to be a shared sense of values, something that many brands still underestimate. By literally conversing with your brand with our PR staff, customers can determine how much they share your values.

#6 A link between offline and online marketing

Dovetailing your offline marketing – such as PR staff at an event – with your online marketing is more than possible. With PR promotional staff at an event, you have content ideal for sharing via social media, case studies and blog posts.

#7 A buzz around your brand

A buzz around your brand is always a great vehicle for getting people talking about your brand. And with PR staff creating a tangible and experiential marketing activity for your consumers, you can reap the rewards.

#8 Gather feedback too

You may not be expecting feedback from this kind of marketing activity but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen! Promotional and PR staff understand how to engage with people and that means you could gain some valuable feedback too.

#9 Targeted marketing

Marketing experts have long been telling us that a scattergun approach to marketing yields only minimal results. Targeted marketing, where you place your product or service in front of your customer demographic, may cost more in the long run but yields far better and more profitable results. Hiring PR promotional staff is one form of targeted marketing.

#10 It is fun!

Every brand is constantly searching for marketing activities that are fun and appealing to attract customers. Hiring PR staff from a leading promotional staffing agency is the start of fun, vibrant and engaging marketing that will place your brand ahead of others.


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