10 of the Best Marketing Experiences for PR Agencies to Explore in 2019

10 of the Best Marketing Experiences for PR Agencies to Explore in 2019

10 of the Best Marketing Experiences for PR Agencies to Explore in 2019

Marketing is changing. Consumers want a buying experience and it seems that the vast majority of marketing experts agree. The time has come to ditch ‘anonymous’ marketing replacing it with consumer-led marketing activities that are memorable.

#1 Product marketing
Whether you are launching a new product or want to re-energise demand for current ones, product marketing drives consumers to your products. Its all about establishing and positioning your product, driving demand and making sure that customers understand benefits and features.

#2 Guerrilla marketing
Bold, brash, fun, creative, interactive, viral, just a few words that could be used to describe this style of marketing. Hiring the right promotional staff and performers, they would then take your marketing message to a physical place pushing brand awareness to new heights.

#3 Brand marketing
Your brand needs a strong presence in the marketplace and to do so, you need to curate consumer loyalty but you can only do that if people know who you are, what your brand stands for, its values and ethics. Again, like guerrilla marketing, you need to be creative and inspirational to make an emotional connection with your consumer.

#4 Buzz marketing
Steeped in a viral marketing strategy, this style of marketing in 2019 uses online content to create a sense of community, belonging and brand loyalty. Get it right and it can be so successful, it will power word of mouth and viral online content too.

#5 Campus or student marketing
Students are an important sector of the market for many brands and so no wonder that marketing in 2019 will continue to focus on how your brand can reach students. Hiring promotional staff for student marketing campaigns is something many brands find cost-effective, reaping the rewards in bigger sales for some time to come.

#6 Customer marketing
For too many brands, the focus of marketing strategies is to find new customers and whilst this should be one strand, it shouldn’t be the only activity on which you expend energy. Customer marketing in 2019 brings to the fore the need to stay connected with your current customer base. How will you achieve this?

#7 Experiential marketing
As the name suggests, this marketing strand is about creating a marketing experience based on a high-level interaction at events and experiences. Similar to guerrilla marketing, with your promotional team confident in the customer they are targeting, you’ll get brilliant results each time.

#8 Field marketing
How often do you use case studies to emphasise the great points about your products, services or brand? Field marketing is essentially taking these case studies and using them as a marketing vehicle. Try it to see just how successful it can be.

#9 Event marketing
Planning, organising and delivering an event with the purpose of promoting a brand, product or service is an activity that will become even more hotly pursued. They can be in-person events or online but need a strategy to maximise success.

#10 Interactive marketing
There’s a theme here, do you see it? Interaction, connecting with people, building and nurturing your relationships with customers will the baseline of all successful marketing in 2019. Interactive marketing will unleash your inner team’s inner creativity and capture your audience’s attention. How will you make it happen?

How are you going to to make your marketing activities memorable?

Hopefully you have found the above #10 tips useful.  For more information or to discuss your requirements, please do get in touch with us.


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