A crowd of people hired for Photo shoot In London

A crowd of people hired for Photo shoot In London

hire-a-crowd-of-people-for-a-photoshoot-londonA crowd of people hired for Photo shoot In London

Renting a crowd of people is part of the service offered by us here at Envisage PR. It’s an offering that proves to be very popular with PR agencies and media houses because it allows you to really have the impact your client is searching for.

We can arrange crowds of different ages, race and sex depending on the particular requirements you have and what you are looking to achieve. Our crowds have been hired for a host of different activities and can range from 20 people right through to 1,000 plus.

Most recently we provided a very specific number of people (79) for a London based PR agency that needed the crowd to arrive at Waterloo train station in the early hours of the morning (5.30am). Early starts are very common for the crowd hire and we have no problem in arranging this as we understand the need to get the job done before the rush hour madness begins.

Crowd hired to freeze frame for PR stunt

The 79 strong crowd was made up of a whole host of people including students, pensioners, professionals, male, female young and old. Our client wanted the crowd to look like every day people that would be travelling on the train as this best reflected their target audience. We took the time to really understand the brief as it’s important that we not only book the right type of people but also ensure the individuals in the crowd completely understand what is expected of them so when they arrive they can all hit the ground running. This comprehensive briefing of the crowd starts at the point we are given the instructions to proceed and continues right through to the morning of the activity to make sure everyone arrives on time and gets to where they need to be. Members of the Envisage PR team are always available for contact (regardless of the time) with the people that make up the crowd as well as contact with the client so if there are any issues that need our attention we are available to sort things at quickly. We also appoint event managers at the location so there is always a point of contact for our client if needed.

Each member of the crowd was required to dress all in black (their own clothing) so each person had to confirm they had this clothing requirement in their wardrobe at home. On arrival at Waterloo train station several members of the crowd were given additional yellow items of clothing to wear which really added impact to the photos. The crowd was asked to strike different poses to look like they were running for train. They were then asked to freeze in other positions such as looking at the train as it arrived, patiently waiting for the train and having fun on the platform.

The images were fantastic and exactly what the client needed for their social media campaign and also their digital channels.

How to hire a crowd for PR activity

The visual impact of a large crowd of people works. Hiring crowds has been one the most popular services we offer to PR agencies followed by models for photo shoots and Brand Ambassadors for experiential marking. The process of arranging a crowd for PR activity is very simple. We find out what you need and we put this all together for you quickly so you have all the information and costings you need to present to your client. To learn more about how our rent a crowd can work at your next promotional event give us a call on 0844 800 0071 or simply complete our on line enquiry form. We will be delighted to hear from you and see how we can help.