Common “Sense” Marketing – Top Marketing Tips

top marketing tips, brand ambassadorsCommon “Sense” Marketing – Top Marketing Tips

When most people engage in their marketing campaign they are primarily focusing on the sense of sight. This means we’re literally missing the other five senses, some of which could be crucial for marketing. Take the sense of smell for example. Did you know that scents can influence a person’s mood? For example, the smell of lavender has seen scientific studies that show it reduces in anxiety in most who experience it.

Studies have shown that 83% of marketing activities (adverts, etc.) appeal primarily to the eyes, but we experience 75% of our feelings through smell and are 65% likely to change our moods for the best when exposed to pleasant sounds. We often don’t think of this in marketing and as a result the focus gets placed only on the visual appeal of logos and catchphrases. There could be so much more in the way of marketing strategy if we could just see past this.

What if we could incorporate all the five senses into our marketing campaigns in order to create a stronger case for a product and a more compelling experience for the consumer? There are so many new ways to sell with this that a whole net world of marketing opens up. In fact many businesses had made use of this. Consider the shopping center that plays lively and engaging music to provide people with a more upbeat shopping experience, or the Avon catalog as it provide scratch and smell samples to sport their perfume and varieties of men’s cologne.

Ideas like this stem from this very mentality of going beyond the base sense of sight to create appealing marketing.

One consumer report compared results from consumers who said they “liked” certain retailers to those who stated they had “love” for them. The difference between them that frequently showed up reveal that it had to do with the personality of the store. Did they have a personal connection. These stores nurtured healthy human interaction into their campaigns and made the store both real and personal in their shopping experience. So many marketing experts could learn from this simple, personal touch.

Use Brand Ambassadors to reach these senses!

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